ice cream cookie sandwich update

Well, as promised I’m back to let you know how the ice cream worked in helping the Costco cookies. Missed the original post? Read it here.

Richard and I tried them last night. Richard had the mint chip and I had the moose tracks. Today I had the second moose tracks and Richard had the chocolate.

Well, it did help the cookies out a bit I guess. But, we figured out that we are now ice cream snobs. I purchased store brand ice cream. We have been eating either Ben & Jerry’s or Talenti. If you’ve had either of these brands you know they are real deal ice cream. So having a generic ice cream was a bit of a let down.

Talenti’s mint chip has a true mint taste so now having anyone else’s artificial mint flavor was not what Richard wanted.

Oh well… as I said next time I’ll have to make fresh cookies and make my own ice cream.


4 thoughts on “ice cream cookie sandwich update

  1. There are some things that you can get away with generic and somethings you can’t. Ice cream can be one of those things for me too! If you haven’t you should try Turkey Hill ice cream. I personally really like it and it’s under $4 for the carton.

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