Quick Question to Ponder!

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So as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have to write an essay for the teacher application. I’m almost done with it! I have to write the closing paragraph and then go back and edit. Richard started editing it for me last night too. I love getting another’s perspective on what I write, especially in formal situations.

Image result for outstanding educatorAnyway… the topic is the qualities of an outstanding teacher. I dropped my former principal an e-mail and asked her suggestion on which topic to address and we agreed this was a good one.

So, it has got me thinking. I know what I believe makes an outstanding teacher/educator, but what do others think? What do other teachers think? What do people who are not in the profession thing? Does it differ once you have kids? Does it reflect the teachers who impacted you or is it based on some stereotype of educators?

So… help me out. What qualities do you feel an outstanding educator should possess??


13 thoughts on “Quick Question to Ponder!

  1. Some of my favorite teachers in high school were ones that let the students be kids and have fun. During my senior year in AP Chemistry, we came up with the idea for “Muffin Tuesday” where everyone would take a turn bringing in a baked good. One of my friends came up with a sign up sheet and everything the was in the back of the room. The teacher even signed up. It was a fun way for us to start the class one day a week. During junior year, my AP US History teacher (who also taught my government in sophomore year) gave every single student a nickname and would have a quarterly challenge between his classes to win a cake party. So whoever got the highest average test score would win points and there would be different ways o win points as well. It was a fun motivating way to get students involved and want to do well for cake.

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  2. My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher and I think what made him so great was his enthusiasm and creativity. He was so much fun and made everyone feel comfortable and willing to share their own talents and creativity.

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  3. Great question!! Qualities for an outstanding teacher (in my opinion) is consistency, high expectations, a positive attitude/enthusiasm, and supportive of students and staff 🙂

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    1. these are great qualities. I struggled with answering this question because I didn’t know if I should go in the avenue of what an administrator thinks makes an outstanding teacher or what a student thinks. I think these are similar, but the approach would be different. at this time I’ve written two different essays on the same topic. gggrrr


  4. Good qualities: knowledge of topic; versatile enough to create understanding for kids who learn in different ways; non-judgemental in the classroom; a sense of humor about how kids really do things. Bad qualities: constant self-important blah-blah-blahing in the classroom; arbitrary grading tactics; inability to go with the flow when the conversation drifts from the lesson plan.

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  5. I think back to my grade 4,6 and 7 teacher who is the reason I became a teacher. He cared about me or at least I felt he did. He encouraged me in my personal pursuits and never made me feel bad for being “different”. As a teacher today, I think my students love that I listen to them and the parents like that I am “firm but fair.”

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