Time to Menu Plan!

I realized that I”m running out of milk and need to go to the grocery store tomorrow, so we are menu planning now.

Here’s what’s Image result for on the menu

Tuesday: ham steak and fruit

Wednesday: Honey “Bourbon” Chicken in the electric pressure cooker– not sure why it’s called honey bourbon when there’s no bourbon, but it sounds good anyway

Thursday: FFY– the boys have biking again

Friday: Orecchiette with mini meatballs

Saturday: out?

Sunday: pizza something with Alton’s pizza dough

Monday: FFY– the boys have biking again

Sweet treat: Chocolate Peanut butter pretzel bars


— Side note, if you wrote a comment on Blake’s Peace, Love & Little Donuts’s post the other day he will get back to you tomorrow… I think


8 thoughts on “Time to Menu Plan!

    1. I can certainly do a review on it. Richard is already disappointed to find out there isn’t bourbon in it. But there was a comment that said the alcohol doesn’t cook off in the pressure cooker, but instead condenses… not giving the boys bourbon that still has alcohol in it just yet… (:

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