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One year ago

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One year ago today the moving truck pulled away from our Orlando house. This was such a bittersweet day for all of us. We were excited for our new adventures. We were ready to all be in the same state again (Richard moved to PA in April, while the boys and I stayed in FL to finish up the school year).

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We moved away from the house the boys grew up in, the house they came to when they came home from the hospital. This was the house they played in, got sick in, learned in, laughed in, and so much more.

Image may contain: one or more people and people sittingBut, where there were tears, there was excitement. The boys were excited to go watch our new house being built. They were ready to go experience snow, meet new people, and start off in a new school.

While the move into the townhouse was not completely smooth and we barely survived some days without “killing” each other, it too was a good experience. The boys strengthened their friendship, we showed that you could pair down life and still enjoy. We played games, went to the pool, took in the $1 movies and explored the area.

One year later…

It feels like just yesterday some days and then other times it feels like forever ago. I thinkImage may contain: 1 person, sitting all of us know it was the right move for our family. The boys feel like they have learned so much this year. They felt challenged in school, enjoyed the new people they have met, and have learned to enjoy the freedoms of childhood.

Richard knows that this job was an advancement in the right direction for him. I took the time away to settle all my guys into our new life. I was able to take time and reassess where I want to go in life.

This has been a long crazy year, but it is a fun journey to be on!


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