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Strawberry Picking

Yesterday the boys and I had a quiet-ish day. The power was out in the morning for over 3 hours, we knew about this ahead of time. The boys used this as an opportunity to build with Lego and read. The power came back on right around lunch time. After they had lunch they began their summer workbooks. I typically purchase workbooks for the boys to complete over the summer. I don’t make it a ton of work, but just enough to keep their brains going. Yesterday, Colby decided he was going to do the first 3 days of lessons, go for it. They did get to use a bit of technology and this made them happy too. We also watched the recorded episode of America’s Got Talent, always a fun and quirky show to watch together.


I got an e-mail yesterday saying that Sorgel was opening their strawberry fields today from 10-4. We arrived at Sorgel at 10:30! We worked together to pick just about 3lb of strawberries. They did not originally intend for the fields to be open yet, but they said there were too many ripe berries to not have it open for at least one day.  The first field we went to was really picked over, but the second one was bursting with perfect berries.


I find it interesting that the strawberries that we got in FL, did not have anywhere near the flavor that they have here in PA. This seems backwards to me, but hey I’ll take it!

So… now what to do with all my strawberries??


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