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Match Making for Beginners- book review

Every month Amazon had 10 or so new books available as free Kindle books through Amazon First Reads.

Matchmaking cover

In May, I picked up the book Match Making for Beginners, by Maddie Dawson.

Marnie McGraw wanted “an ordinary life”. She wanted the house, husband, children and relationship that everyone said she needed to have for her life to be perfect. She thought she found the right person in bad boy/rich kid turned teacher Noah. But, when he gets cold feet and tries to leave her before they even get to the alter, she should believed that nothing good was going to come out of the relationship. Little did she know that what came out of the time with Noah was meeting his great aunt Blix.

Blix is the aunt that no one in the family ever seems to understand. But, when Blix meets Marnie she believes the connection they have is beyond that anyone could explain.

Blix is a matchmaker who uses magical spells to help her “projects” find happiness. She surrounds herself a ragtag group of characters who love Blix for being… Blix. The understood that Blix’s intentions were to help. When Blix left her Brooklyn Brownstone to Marnie, they were not shocked. Noah and his family on the other hand were not happy at all.

Read to find out about the relationship created between Blix and Marnie. Read how Marnie learns to put herself and her choices first. Will Marnie want to stay in Brooklyn and pick up with Blix left off or will she just think that Blix is a whack job and go back to her family in Florida?

I enjoyed Match Making for Beginners, by Maddie Dawson. a lot and didn’t want to put it down at times. While it was rather predicable what was going to happen, I still found myself cheering for this ragtag group of characters that are Blix’s projects.  I would encourage you to pick this up as a light read, that will suck you into this life of love gone wrong, love gone right and the magic of everything in between.



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