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The Selection- book review

Over the weekend I finished reading The Selection by Kiera Cass. I picked it up as a free book through Amazon Prime. I’m noticing that they have a lot of first in a series books as part of the prime books.  Of course… suck you in with a good story and then you are willing to pay for the rest of the series? Well this is on series that I am considering giving in and paying for.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself, let me tell you about the book.

This book is set post World War 4. When the world we know it doesn’t exist. There is now a royal family and caste system in place. Moving between castes is near impossible, especially for females. Well that is unless you are part of the “Selection”. Thirty-five girls, one from each region will be selected out of the masses, and this selection will change their lives. For one… the biggest change of all.

America Singer wants nothing to do with being part of the selection. She loves Aspen, but he is in a lower caste. Can they figure out how to make this love work? When America’s name is called as the selected girl from her region, she is shocked and still critical of the whole process. But, when she meets Prince Maxon, she begins to think of life differently.

What will happen when America goes from her “just good enough” home to living in the castle? Will she get along with the other girls? Will she make it past day one never mind to the end of the selection process?

I really enjoyed this story. It reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games, without the whole making children kill each other part. The world is again that post apocalyptic state of the world. There is a government that is ruling over the world that holds everyone into a caste system. The government is a royalty who is searching for the right person to marry their heir. They are searching among the masses to show that anyone can be the next princess, even though the system set in place makes it difficult to move up and crazy to move down.

I found myself sucked into this story and wanting to join America in her adventures. I found myself running the gamete of emotions with her and now I need to get the next book since this one left off with 6 girls still in the selection process. I guess I’m off to find “The Elite” Hmmm maybe I can get it at the library? If not, I will pay to download it on my kindle… it’s that good.


8 thoughts on “The Selection- book review

  1. When you first started telling about the story, the selection process with one girl from each region totally gave me Hunger Games vibes. I loved that style of book so I’ll have to see if my library has this to check out.

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  2. This definitely made me think Hunger Games! I’m interested to see whether you read the rest of the series!
    Have you read Maze Runner? I liked it a lot more than Hunger Games…but don’t watch the movies!

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