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Fun at the grocery store?

Yesterday we needed to do our weekly grocery shopping. I don’t mind this chore, but doing it with the kids in tow is not always fun. Typically they aren’t bad, but they just hate the whole process. I will say I’m at least glad that I don’t typically end up with a ton of extra stuff when they come with me. I think the area we may have splurged a bit in was fruit, but who can complain about that?

But, yesterday went ten times smoother than normal.  Why?… you ask! Well that is because our grocery store has added a new way to check out. They now have hand held scanners that you can take around the store with you and scan the items as you take the off the shelf. We also have fabric bags that we take shopping with us, so we had everything scanned and bagged before we even got to the checkout.

The boys took turns pushing the cart and scanning. They are also good about popping down isles to find items they want. In the produce section they helped by going to the scale and weighing the items we were purchasing, printing out the label and then scanning the items.

I was worried that shopping would take longer or we’d end up getting other items we didn’t need, but that didn’t happen. The shockingly they both helped bring the groceries in from the car.

We had a good day yesterday all around. I jokingly said to Richard last night, “Who are these children and can they stay for the rest of the summer?” Don’t get me wrong I know my boys are actually good kids, but they are tween so they test limits and get on my nerves… it’s their job.



11 thoughts on “Fun at the grocery store?

  1. If the extras you bought is fruit then you really can’t complain about that! Whenever I come back with a slightly larger than normal grocery trip it’s typically because I saw some fruit I wanted or avocados were on sale haha. The handheld scanner sounds like the perfect way to entertain tweens at a grocery store!

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    1. I did like it and it was pretty simple. at our store they also have the option to order on line and pick up outside the store or have it delivered to your house Me… I’m too cheap for these options. I hate paying for things I can do myself.

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  2. We have self-checkouts, but the whole scanner thing is new to me… wonder when it will get to my neck of the woods!

    When I’m with kids, I tell them I have to do the scanning, because once I let the kids help and bought a lot of duplicate items that never were in my cart!

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