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The Secret, Book & Scone Society

When we went to the library last week, I only planned on picking up The Elite. Colby wanted to go upstairs to the non-fiction section so I decided to go check out the fiction section while I was there. I found myself browsing through the new book section

ellery adams' THE SECRET, BOOK & SCONE SOCIETYWhile I was looking at the shelves the title of this book drew me in: The Secret, Book & Scone Society, by Ellery Adams. How could I walk away from a book that has both book and scone in the title? This book is a mystery which I enjoy but don’t read as often as I do other types of fiction.

Miracle Springs North Carolina was a picturesque town. People flooded here from “the city” to bask in the tranquil nature to take advantage of the natural springs, five star restaurants and inn. While there they found so much more.

Nora who owns Miracle Books will help the visitors find the best books to read to help them heal what ails them. Many of these visitors also visit The Gingerbread House owned by Hester to get her famous comfort scones.

When a visiting business man reaches out to both Nora and Hester for help, and then if found dead on the local train tracks, the town is turned on edge. Through this the Secret, Book & Scone Society was formed. Can a group of women who all have their own daemons to deal with ban together to discover the truth? Can the find friendship and healing, or will they keep their own secrets guarded as well as their hearts?

I enjoyed this story. It was a mystery, but even more than that it was a book about trust. It is about women working together to find the strength to deal with the past and move onto the future. Can they learn to trust each other enough to help each other while helping themselves.

I know I will be searching for more books by this author tomorrow when I head back to the library!




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