Catching up on nothing

I realized yesterday while I was typing up the cookie post, that I have been writing a lot of recipe and book review posts lately. I’m not sure why, but it isn’t that life has been dull, or that I don’t have stories to share.

This summer the boys and I have been busy, but not busy. We have a routine, but we don’t. I love the slowness of summer break. I can let them sleep in, ok well I can let Colby sleep in since Blake never sleeps in, but he could if he wanted to. We can go and do if we want or stay home and do nothing if we want.

The weather hasn’t felt very summer lately. Don’t get me wrong we aren’t back into jeans, but it isn’t pool weather either.

The boys finished up their mountain biking classes yesterday. We will have to continue to get them out on the trails with Richard over the weekends, but they aren’t going back to classes. They did have a blast and it has made them both stronger and more confident riders, that was the whole goal.

I don’t have much news on the job search front. I had a second interview, well a working interview at one preschool. That is it. I didn’t apply to the school systems this go around. I decided to try just the preschools for a change of pace for me. Most of the places I contacted were not hiring. Oh well… it works out or it doesn’t.

As we wrap up June, I look towards July. We are going on vacation to Hershey and Amish country. The boys have a second week of theater camp, this time with a younger cast, so they hope to get bigger roles. We will see what else July brings.

So see there isn’t much exciting to write about, but I figured I’d catch you up on the nothing of summer break!


6 thoughts on “Catching up on nothing

  1. Even though I have a full time job, I completely get the second paragraph where you said you and the boys are busy but not busy and have a routine but no routine. If Pittsburgh is anything like Jersey, it seems like it’ll be very much so summer weather soon.

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