Bathing suit shopping…. UGH!

Today I headed to the store to go bathing suit shopping. I HATE this task. I have hated this task since i was a teen. Is there anything worse than going in and trying on bathing suits?

I went to TJMaxx first. I swear there was no A/C on in the store. When you are hot and sweating, inside the store, it doesn’t help you feel better trying on bathing suits. I think I tried on over a dozen bathing suits. Some didn’t fit. Some didn’t give enough coverage, some were not comfortable, some just didn’t look right on me. I did find one suit that I found acceptable.

I then went over to Target. I had less success there. I didn’t even find as many to try on. I swear the do not make bathing suits for people who have any kind of chest. Not everyone is a size B or C cup (or smaller). Not everyone wants to flaunt all their goods.  I do not want to be popping out all over the place.

I know the fact that I’m not happy with my body image right now doesn’t help the whole shopping process. But, I needed a new suit. I’ll need it for our vacation. I’ll need it because it is summer and there are pools and other water activities to do.

At least I don’t have daughters so it is only me dealing with this shopping drama.


6 thoughts on “Bathing suit shopping…. UGH!

  1. Ugh I think the last time I liked shopping for a bathing suit I was less than 8!!
    A friend recently reminded me that no one really notices, so just go with comfort!

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  2. I feel ya. Before I had my son, I was mostly comfortable with my body and had no problem wearing anything…skimpy was fine. Now, things just don’t look or feel the same and wearing a bathing suit feels like a huge task. I’m working on it though, even if I am wearing a “mom suit.”

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    1. every time hormones change the body changes. and it doesn’t always feel like it is a good thing. oh well as long as we as women keep going out and having fun with our kids no matter what… it’s a win


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