Pies and Prejudice

PIES AND PREJUDICEWhen I was at the library the other day I picked up Pies and Prejudice, by Ellery Adams. This is written by the same author who wrote the Secret, Book & Scone Society, that I reviewed here.

Pies and Prejudice is the first book in a series set in Georgia.

Ella Mae LaFaye feels like nothing else could go wrong with her life. Seven years ago she left her home in Havenwood, Georgia to move to New York with her husband Slone. There she went to culinary school, in hopes of opening her own pie shop. She never finished that degree and never wants to go back to NY ever again!

Not knowing where else to turn, she returned to her mother’s home in Georgia. There she is surrounded by Reba, her mom’s housekeeper and Ella Mae’s confidant and constant companion, and her three aunts. Growing up Ella Mae felt more connect to these 4 amazing women than her own mother. Will she be able to stay under the same roof as her mother now? What will she do next in her life? Well her mother and aunts have just the answer to that…. open a pie shop in Havenwood.

But as life seems to be going right now, life isn’t so simple as opening a shop, Charmed Pie Shop, and going on with life. Is there something special about her pies beyond the fact that they taste scrumptious? Will she rekindle the flame she had for her childhood crush? What about the rivalry with her childhood bully? Will everything come to an end when her rolling pin is found at a murder scene? Read and find out.

I really enjoyed the mystery and food connection Adams creates. She even includes recipes at the back of the book! The characters go back and forth between feeling real and being part of an imaginary realm. There is a whole magical element to this story that swings between feeling like a gimic to adding a fun and creative element to the story.

I will pick up the second book in the series Peach Pies and Alibis to see what other adventures Ella Mae and her crazy and loving band of relatives, friends and nemisis can conjure up.


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