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Strasburg Trains


When Blake was little he began watching Thomas the Train and liked Thomas a lot. Colby didn’t just like Thomas and trains, he LOVED them. When they were younger we went to a Day Out with Thomas two years in a row. Colby was beyond excited to ride the rails.

While they have outgrown Thomas, Colby still loves trains. He gets so excited every year when we put the train around our Christmas tree.

So when we were planning the trip to Hershey we knew we’d need to extend the trip and go to Strasburg PA. There we went to Strasburg Rail Road and the Rail Road Museum of Pennsylvania, they are across the street from each other. At the Strasburg Rail Road, we went to the Hostling Tour which meant we were up early to see them prep the steam engine for the day.  We got go inside the engine to see them working on stoking the fire. The boys even got to ride in the engine. Then we went on a train ride and rode in the lounge car.

Then we went across the street to see the Train Museum. This was an impressive collection of train items including engines, train cars, cabooses, as well as items that were used on the trains. The pictures below are panorama of the inside collection of trains taken from the overlook.


This is just a fraction of the photos from this day. I had so much fun taking pictures of the trains.


7 thoughts on “Strasburg Trains

  1. That sounds really cool! I love riding trains too. A few years ago we took my nephew on the Kettle Valley Railway which is a steam engine train. There was even a “robbery”. I may have had more fun than my nephew🤣

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  2. Your cover photo picture of the train is great! This is neat! My husband loves trains. We put a train under our Christmas tree every year too. My in laws actually bought a Peanuts Halloween train for my son so I think we’re going to do a Fall tree this year too. My husband is a train collector. He has way too many! He was SO excited to visit this place but we had to save it for another trip. Thanks so much for the info!

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    1. We will probably go back and do one of their other train rides, such as a mystery dinner or Christmas train type ride They do a Day Out with Thomas too and have a dedicated Thomas engine there. We saw it and it looked really cool. Colby and Richard want to go on the tour of the shop tour next time.

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