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rambles about the week

This has been a strange weather week. Almost ever day there was rain on the forecast. But, most days we got little to no rain. We ended up giving in and getting more sprinklers for the lawn. The grass was getting a bit crunchy. At least I don’t have to mow the lawn. We did finally get rain last night so at least mother nature decided to help out the plants a bit. The temperatures were all over the place. It was hot-ish and humid. We didn’t get to open the windows.

Richard and I managed to get up at 5:30am M, T, Th and F to workout. I’ve done really good with my diet too. Last night I made spaghetti and meatballs with rolls. I only had meatballs and a tiny portion of spaghetti to sop up the sauce. I still haven’t tried the P B &J cookies that I made the other day. Richard took the tin to work yesterday and his co-workers quite enjoyed it, so he brought the second tin in today. I’m still working on finding proteins I would enjoy having for a snack.

I will tell you this. My,… Body…. HURTS! It’s that good workout hurt. I can feel my abs, back, legs, arms, and so much more. I’m glad that we have decided to jump in and do this, and do it together. I’ll be excited to see the changes in my body in the next few weeks. This week I’m going to play around with some of the other workouts that are available and maybe even do some more with the boys.

The boys start back doing mountain biking on Monday. This means that I go back to hiking two days a week. One of my neighbors also asked me if I’d like to walk with her. So on Tuesday and Thursdays, I’m going to walk with her in the mornings after my workout. I guess getting back in shape is going to be my new “hard thing”… it’s worth it.

Hope you had a good week and have found something that makes you feel better too.


7 thoughts on “rambles about the week

  1. The weather was seriously so weird this week. I’m hoping the forecast is correct and that the humid will go down for the weekend so we can enjoy some time outside. Being sore is a weirdly satisfying feeling to me. Makes me feel like the work is paying off! Have a great weekend!

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