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August 1st

There is something about the month of August that makes me cringe. This year it could be the fact that as of now I still do not have a job for the school year. It could be that the boys and I have had a good summer and I know that Aug 23rd they go back to school. It could be that it means they are getting older… Blake starts 6th grade and Colby starts 5th. It’s shocking to me how much time stands still and speeds by rapidly all at the same time.

But, I have to admit… it is August 1st. It is back to school time. It means shopping, switching sleep schedule, and so many other adjustments. But, my boys like school, for the most part and I know that they will be happy to find their new classrooms. See the other kids. Meet their new teachers. They are ready to get in there and suck up knowledge.

Until then we will, go to the library, workout, mountain bike, watch movies, and just enjoy the last bit of summer.


9 thoughts on “August 1st

  1. So true! Every August I start having dreams about school and they are always about my students not listening to me! I think the panic and rush of the approaching school year always makes August feel icky.

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  2. I feel like August came out of nowhere this year. Didn’t summer just start?!

    Sorry to hear you didn’t find a job. Maybe there’s a long term sub position you could do to get your foot in the door at a district.

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  3. I don’t like August 1st either! It’s just too close to going back to work for me. I love my job, but nothing beats the freedom of summer holidays!


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