Update on Working out

This week Richard was away on travel so we decided to put off jumping into Liift4 for another week. This did not mean I didn’t workout!

I did a lot of 21 day fix workouts this week. I like that I have the option of picking from all their programs. Here is a glimpse into my workouts this week.

Monday– Upper body. This workout was a combination of 5 or 6 different moves where you did 1 min of each move.  then you did it all over again! oh and then you did a total different set of 5 moves for one min each…. twice through! It worked chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

The boys had mountain biking so I went for a hike. I went on 4 different trails. The whole hike was 2.22 miles, but had a 256 ft elevation gain. I love my map my hike ap to track where I hike. It also tracks distance, time, pace, elevation and “calories burned” (we all know that this isn’t accurate since it wouldn’t have enough info to really determine how many calories I burned.

Tuesday– I did a whole body workout. This time you did pairs of moves for 1 minute each. I can’t remember how many sets of moves we did. But, 30 min of total body weight workout brings about a good sweat!

I have started walking twice a week with a neighbor through our neighborhood. We are meeting up at 6:45am, so before 8am I had two workouts done on Tuesday. I walked just over 3 miles. This time with a 211ft elevation gain. There are a few hills in our neighborhood that really get your attention. It was nice to walk and chat together for about an hour.

Wednesday should be a rest day in Liift 4, but we have already decided that it will be a day to workout with the boys and/or do abs. So I did both. I did a 10 min ab routine and then later did a 30 min yoga with the boys. It was 20 min of yoga and 10 min of mediation. We are going to start working on mediation with the boys to help them slow down and cope with life better.

Thursday, I did a 30 min Pilates routine. Pilates is one of the of the classes I took back in FL when we had memberships at the Y. I really enjoy the lengthening and strengthening goal of this workout.

I then headed out to walk with my neighbor. I ended up walking 2.61 miles this time. When we got closer to my house I notice Blake out on his bike and he proceeded to crash and then mess up the derailer on his bike. This cut my walk a bit shorter, but that was ok. I fixed the derailer to the best of my ability since the boys had mountain biking.

While at mountain biking this time I decided to just walk the paved road loop. I again had map my hike on and realized that I’ve taken 2 min off my average mile time when walking this look. I walked just over 3 miles. This meant I walked over 5 miles in total.

Friday– I decided to hit the snooze button today. Then when it went off again I reset it for 6:30 I was tired! I did workout. I did a 30 min cardio workout which really got my heart rate up. I don’t think I’ll get a second workout in today.

I’m pleased with my work this week. I don’t sleep as well when Richard isn’t home. I know I tend to stay up later and I’m still getting up at 5:30 (ok not today, but you get the gist). I know it will take time to see more of the physical changes, but I’m happy with my tenacity to keep up the work. And, I’ve done a good job at keeping up with the nutrition too. I have had coffee a few times this week… again I’m tired from sleeping like crap. I think we are having pizza on Sunday that will be my cheat day.  Next week we will again do B4 Liift4 and then we have 8 weeks of the Liift program. Time to get strong!


2 thoughts on “Update on Working out

  1. Even though you paused Liift4, you still had awesome workouts! After you try a few of the different workouts that you have access to I would love to hear your thoughts on it as a whole.

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    1. so far I’m pleased with the program. the food plan is pretty easy to follow. the shakeology is better tasting/consistency than I expected. I just ordered vanilla too since both Richard and I are drinking it. I like the variety of levels of workout/types of workouts they have available


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