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Changes and News

Yesterday I took the boys to their school. The teachers aren’t there, but it is an opportunity to find their classrooms. This year they are in the same biome (the school labels the hallways by biomes). Colby has the teachers that Blake had last year and Blake is just moving down the hall to 6th grade. Colby found two people from his class last year that are in class with him again this year. He is happy about that. At this time, Blake doesn’t know who is in his class, but those who know enough to contact are in his biome never mind his class. Oh well that will be good for him, meet and get to know other kids.

I know I haven’t talked about me job search in a while. I was contacted by three different preschools over the summer. I interviewed with all of them. Two of them I went back and taught a lesson. The third one offered me a position at my first interview, that was last Thursday. Yesterday I did a second interview at the other pre-school I was considering. I made a decision today. I accepted a job teaching kindergarten prep.

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I will be working from 8:45-12:45. I decided this would be perfect for our family. I get to teach and have the fun and challenge of doing what I’m good at doing, but I’m also home when the boys get off the bus. I can do the grocery shopping, cleaning and other things during the week and we can still have our weekends to do fun things.

It will also give me time to do more work on my Teacher Pay Teachers store! I am looking forward to this change and less teaching stress.

I’m excited to take on this new adventure and step in my life.


15 thoughts on “Changes and News

  1. That’s great news! Congrats! I think Pre-K is so incredibly important. It’s where the kids receive all of those really important foundational skills. Your hours so good too and that is wonderful to be home when your kids get home. I would love to not go back to work until my son starts Kindergarten and even then I’d love to just teach part time. I really enjoy being available to my family. But who knows what’s in my future? I’m not sure what my husband will support. Weโ€™re just taking it year by year. I’m so happy for you though. That sounds like a great arrangement. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ’–

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      1. That’s awesome. Yes, it can be difficult finding teaching jobs with flexible hours. That is neat that you had a job fall into your lap, previously. That’s what I hope to happen for me one day too….for everything to just fall into place. Sounds like things are working out pretty well. Have an awesome new school year!

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