Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza -post #2

A few weeks ago I posted about our first trip to Anythony’s Coal Fire Pizza (read post here). Typically when I post about restaurants I go to their Facebook site and link my blog post for them to read. This time I just sent them a Facebook message with the link included. This quick Facebook message set off a fun chain reaction.

First I got a reply back from the marketing department, via Facebook. At that time, they thanked me for the post and asked for my address. I expected to get a coupon or gift card as a thank you. The Director of Marketing mailed me a handwritten note. I was impressed that she took the time to write to me and not just send a form letter as I’ve had in the past as a response for a product review.

The second and even more impressive reply I received, was an e-mail from the company’s CEO, Wayne Jones. Yes, you read that correctly the CEO of Anthony’s Coal Fired PIzza e-mailed… ME. He also had read my blog post. He thanked me for my post and talked about a few of the points in my blog post such as Colby wanting to have a pot of meatballs the next time. He also shared the e-mail and post link with the manager of the local Anthony’s.

2018-08-18 18.19.33

Sooooo. On Saturday we were out in Cranberry Townships, going to Costco, and decided to go to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. We did order Colby his pot of meatballs (13 meatballs in a pot that you get to keep! We also ordered to pies (meatball ricotta and plain cheese). We figured we needed to try the meatball ricotta since all four of us LOVE their meatballs. I personally have always enjoyed ricotta on my pizza.

While we were there I asked to speak to the manager, since well I did know his name now thanks to the CEO. When the manager came over I said “Are you Brian Fischer?” “I got your name from Wayne Jones” His response was “That’s the CEO.” Yes sir it is! I then explained who I was and why I was communicating with the CEO of Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.

We then spent a bit of time talking to the store manager. Mr. Fischer was very kind and well spoken. He addressed both the boys and asked them directly about the food. Richard then asked where Anthony’s originated. Mr. Fisher took the time to share a bit of the back story. It turns out that Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza began in Florida. Anthony was working at his father’s Italian restaurant, Anthony’s Runway 84, in the Ft. Lauderdale area and Miami Dolphin’s Dan Marino often visited the restaurant. Marino would suggest other popular Italian dishes he wished they served at Anthony’s father’s restaurant. Anthony and his father were able to accommodate most with recipes from their own family recipes. When Marino suggested that they add pizza, the idea clicked that it was time for a new restaurant. Anthony knew that the only way to do pizza so it tasted like authentic from Italy pizza was a coal fired grill. They originally planned to build one Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza back in 2002. It has now grown to over 60 locations in 8 states.

In each location they build a coal fired grill in which they fire up not only the pizza pies, but all their dishes. As I mentioned in my previous post they do not have microwaves or freezer, and they only use fresh ingredients. Check out the menu, here.

2018-08-18 18.30.30

The pizza, Blake’s favorite part, has a crispy and yet still chewy crust. With fresh ingredients as topping including homemade sauces (you can see the tomatoes, you know it’s fresh!), the pizza will make you smile. And take Colby’s word for it you HAVE to try the meatballs. Colby tops his with parm cheese, while Richard and I enjoy adding dobs of the fresh ricotta that they serve on the side. Blake enjoys the meatballs too, but he reallllllly likes the fresh focaccia bread that comes with the meatballs.

Mr. Fisher suggested to the boys that they needed to try the wings the next time we head into Anthony’s. I can tell you this, between the tasty food and how much they have gone out of their way to show me, a little known blogger, their appreciation… we will be back again, soon! (Too bad that Uber Eats doesn’t deliver their food to our house, or else we might order even sooner. Oh well… guess it just means I’ll get a chance to talk to Mr Fischer again and hear more of the story).


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