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What is next to check off the list?

Ahhh the never ending feeling of what next. I spent time today revising my lesson plans for next week. I realize I was crazy to do so many weeks ahead of time. I tried to get the whole month of Sept done, but then when you get to the end you realize, what was I thinking?

I’ve had to tweak the schedule of my classroom and move things around to make it work for all my students. I am still working on what things do I do twice to make sure most of my students get the activity and which ones do I say… oh well you missed because it wasn’t your day at school.

The same feels for life at home. I am trying to figure out a schedule to get things done. I want to get most of the cleaning and shopping done during the week, but then that leaves me little time for me. I had a whole year of being home and there are times already where I miss those quiet moments that I had during that year. I feel like I’m either trying to cram in things for work or cleaning or doing some other things that needs to get done before the boys get home. Then it is homework, dinner and evening activities.

I need to remember to carve out those “me” moments in life. The fact that Richard and I get up at 5:30am and workout helps. I start the day doing something healthy for me, but then life gets busy to get everyone off to school and work. There is a bit of time in the mornings before I leave, but often times I find this filled with bits of this and that. I need down time. I realize that I have only been teaching officially for 10 days and things will smooth out. I realize that I know what I need and I just need to make it work. But for now, I’ll keep the feeling of what is next? And then check it off the list!


13 thoughts on “What is next to check off the list?

  1. I always remember the beginning of school. There were several weeks that I would stay so late and then at some point…you just find a groove and things settle a little. I understand the struggle with me time though. I hope things smooth out for you soon.

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      1. Yes I always like to have my whole year thought out and big things ready but we’re supposed to follow student interests now so I have to be happy with one week at a time. At least planning and prepping everything on Thursday’s makes most days calmer:)

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  2. I completely understand what you mean. Sometimes, I’ll just take a night to do things for me and leave any cleaning for another day. I find it helpful to reset and then it seems to help motivate me to be more productive the next day.

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  3. Thanks for your dedication to education! (I didn’t mean to make that rhyme haha). Teachers don’t always get enough thanks — but you all do a job many (most) couldn’t. Glad you are able to carve out some time for yourself!!

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