It’s Friday!

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This was a good week and we got a lot done at work. While it wasn’t a perfect week, it wasn’t horrible… it just was. I’m glad that it is over and we are ready to move forward.

Richard and I finished up our 6th week of LIIFT4 on Beachbody. Two more weeks and we will have finished the program. We are then going to start again and see how much changes when we start with the heavier weights we are using now.

The boys are off to a dance tonight. Richard and I will go out to dinner and we will enjoy the fact that the work week is done and live continues on!


Hope you have had a good week and are ready for a great weekend


7 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. Wow you’re doing great on the working out!!! I like the idea of doing the same workouts again but with heavier weights- you’ll know the moves now which will help:)
    My week just was too and I’m glad to see Friday!

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    1. the nice thing about this program is we pretty much do the same things each week, but they switch up the order of the moves. plus this week we might to 50/50 with back and bi’s and next week we do it as a circuit, the week after might be intervals. and they rotate through.

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