Beach Body Update

So, Richard and I have be working out using Beach Body’s Liift4 for over 7 weeks. I have lost almost 10lb already. We are both starting to see changes in our bodies and are feeling a lot stronger.

The way the Liift4 program works is you work out 4 days a week for 30-40 min a day. It is a combination of weight lifting and HIIT. The first 5 weeks you do chest and triceps (day 1), back and biceps (day 2), shoulders (day 3) and legs (day 4). They change between circuit training (quad sets and just weights),  50/50 all lift in the beginning all HIIT in the end, intervals (2 weight lifting exercises and 1 HIIT in each set). Oh and every other leg day was just HIIT, my least favorite day. Then at the end of each day you do 2/3 core exercises.

Each week you switch the order of the exercises. This forces your body to adapt to the changes. I really enjoyed the interval and circuit days. I recognize the need for the HIIT components. I realize that getting that cardio bursts help with the weight loss. I just prefer lifting, I love seeing myself choose heavier weights. I love it when I’m lifting a weight heavier than the ladies who are demoing on the taping.

The last two weeks the whole routine gets changed around. These are “Shred” weeks. Day 1 is chest and back circuit, day 2 is legs 50/50, day 3 is shoulders and arms circuit, and day 4 is total body HIIT.

I hope that as we continue this program we continue to see definition to our muscles. I want to see my pants get looser, isn’t that the goal of most females who workout? I know I”m getting strong. I’m not craving foods. I’m not stress eating. I drink the shakology every day for breakfast. I do not follow the rest of the meal play, but I do watch what I eat. The program allows for one cheat day. I allow myself one cheat meal. I use this on the weekends.



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