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Night sky- bats, owls and spiders

This week, we learned a bit more about nocturnal animals. We read stories about bats and owls. We used spiders in some of our learning activities… just cause!

Our must do stations this week were:

writing table- name practice. The children had to rainbow write their name, but I put plastic canvas sheets under to add a textural element. As with all coloring activities in my classroom, they needed to use the same number of crayons as their age (ie a 4 year old needs to use 4 crayons, a 5 year old 5 crayons).

math station- number practice. The children were given a paper bag that held their supplies. In the bag, they had 4 spider webs, the number cards 5, 6, 7, and 8, and some spiders. The children had to designate each web to represent one of the numbers and then put the spiders on the web to match the number. This learning activity is number sense, number recognition, and counting all rolled into one fun lesson.

art station- spider webs. We attached yarn to spider rings. The children then dipped the yarn into yellow or orange paint. They then pulled the yarn across the paper to paint the webs. The children were then given corks dipped in black paint to paint spiders. They added googly eyes and drew legs with a black marker.

teacher table- printing. We have begun printing practice. We started the E and F. We will go through all the capital letters and then move onto the lowercase. They have done a great job working on E and F. Next week we will do H and L.

We watched the YouTube read aloud of the book Stellaluna today. The children really enjoy this change from me reading the book, and I find that I can engage them in longer stories when I use this medium.  After, we created a table of bat and bird attributes. The children did a great job telling me not only the attributes articulating the similarities and differences. Our graph this week will be would you rather be a bat or a bird.

Tomorrow we will do our STEM project which will be to create a bat, owl or spider outline using marshmallows and toothpicks. I found a really cool paper airplane style STEM where you have the children draw a bat face and body in the middle of a piece of paper. Then they have to fold the paper to make a bat. Then you can test them out to see which flies the best. I know my class and we aren’t ready for this, but I will keep it in the back of my mind for another time.


8 thoughts on “Night sky- bats, owls and spiders

  1. I’ve done the spider web art by putting black paper in the bottom of a round cake pan and have a children roll a marble dipped in white paint around. We then attached a plastic spider.
    I also love a YouTube read aloud- they’re excited to hear a book from someone other than me!
    What order do you follow for your printing practice?

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    1. we did marble painting of pumpkins for our Oct bulletin board so I wanted to do something different.

      We are using handwriting without tears. But, shhhh I’m switching the order a bit to make it make more sense to me.
      it is supposed to be E, F, D, P, B. R, N, M, then H, K, L, U, V, W, X, Y, Z then C, O, Q, G, S, A, I, T, J. Seems to me it would make more sense to do all the straight letters first. then slanted letters then move onto curved letters.

      I’m going to do E, F, L, H, I, T, Z, A, N, M, V, W, K, X, Y, P, B, R, D, J, U, C, O, Q, G, S . Then we will start lowercase

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