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KY vacation, part 1– Louisville

We went away for Thanksgiving. This trip we went to Kentucky. I will spread out our adventures over a few posts.

The first day we drove 6 hours and landed in Louisville KY. This is the place where they make Louisville Slugger Bats, but we didn’t go there. We did go to Churchill Downs, where they have the Kentucky Derby.

First we went into the museum and went on a walking tour that brought you out to the track and paddocks. Later we went on a bus tour of the barns. We also watched a 360 movie that told some of the history of Churchill Downs. We heard a lot of the same facts in all three locations, but hey how many new facts can they share?

The boys favorite part of the museum were the horses that you can “ride” in a race. I could not tell you how many times they tried this exhibit. They also enjoyed the virtual betting where you could pick the horses for a race that they then showed on a tv monitor. Colby did the best of all of us in this activity.

P1000386While we were waiting for the bus tour all of us were trying on the hat. Richard took a few pictures of me, but I won’t be sharing those!

We then were trying to decide if we should go out to lunch or go watch the horse races. While walking in the parking lot, a lady called over to Richard. She asked if we already had tickets. When we said we did not, she gave us four tickets to her box seat. Well thank you very much! Then she and her husband walked in with us and showed us where to eat, bet and where the seats were located. This was a chance meeting, but such a kind gesture. How often can you say you had box seats at Churchill Downs?


We stayed and watched a few of the races. We were able to go out and watch the horses get saddled in the paddocks as well.


We had wanted to watch the turf race, but it was getting late and we still had a 2.5 hour drive to Bowling Green where we would spend the rest of the trip.





8 thoughts on “KY vacation, part 1– Louisville

    1. I was shocked to get the free tickets. now let me also say, which I didn’t say in the post, that there was next to no one there and we could (and did) sit pretty much anywhere. The box seats were in the shade so we stayed there for maybe one race and then started moving around to stay warmer

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