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Kentucky trip- Bowling Green

The rest of our trip we spent in Bowling Green. Why you ask… the Corvette Museum was a big part of the choice. But, more about that in a bit.

We spent Thanksgiving at Mammouth Cave, this is a national park. We had purchased tickets ahead of time to go on a tour of the caves. This was fun, but a LOT of stairs up and down. The views were impressive and the rangers did an excellent job sharing information about the history of the caves/park.

P1000456Friday we went to the Corvette Museum. Guess what… there were a lot of Corvettes in there. I was fascinated by the cars that were involved in the cave in that occurred back in 2014. Blake’s favorite part was when he got to “drive” the Corvette simulator (the yellow car below). Colby opted to not drive, but rode along multiple times.

Saturday we went to a train museum. We were disappointed that they didn’t have any rolling stock, we really wanted to go on a train ride, but it was fine. We were the only people in our group and the guy giving the tour of the train cars had a decent personality. The boys had him laughing when they informed him that the “Y” and the “Z” keys were in the wrong spot on the typewriter in the president’s suite.

We did enjoy our time on this trip. The weather was a lot warmer than we left in PA. We kept busy and had fun… that is what vacations should be about.


2 thoughts on “Kentucky trip- Bowling Green

    1. it is the largest know cave in the US. We went in one section of the cave (the back lit pic of the boys and the oddly lit pic) the pic of the stairs is not the stairs into the cave that I mentioned. those pictures are to a natural entrance. We walked over 500 stairs in total.


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