It’s December!!

Can you believe that the year of 2018 is almost over? There are 23 days until Christmas. We have had so many changes in the year. When I look back at our lives one year ago, it seems like it was such a LONG time ago. But, at the same time this year seems to have flown by.

Now it’s time to look at the holiday season and all that means I need to do. I need to address my holiday cards. I made them back in early November, but there they sit unaddressed and I need to get the stamps too.

I need to finish decorating my classroom. I need to have the children make ornaments for the tree in our classroom. I need to figure out what my students will make for parent gifts. Oh and that is on top of continuing to create authentic learning experiences that will keep the children learning, active and calm.

I need to figure out what cookies I am going to bake and then when I will bake them. How many types should I bake and then which flavors will they be?

I love the holiday season. I love sitting in the house with Christmas music playing. I love seeing the Christmas lights on the tree, railing and outside. I love the excitement that you will see in this season.

Yesterday we started our Advent (Christmas countdown) calendars. We have three in the house this year. Every year since the boys were little we had a magnetic calendar that looks like cookies. The last few years, we also have purchased Lego calendars for the boys this year. The boys go back and forth between the two calendars so that they both get opportunities to do both.  This year I also got an Adagio tea calendar for myself. Another blogger recommended this calendar a while ago and I decided it would be a great countdown for myself. (I actually purchased 3 one for myself, one for my mom, and one for my mother-in-law). Yesterday the tea was gingerbread flavor.

What do you do to keep the holidays calm, special and unique? How do you keep track of everything that needs to be done each year during this crazy time? Do you have a way to countdown to the holidays?


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