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Blogmas– Ugly Christmas Sweater

Today’s topic on Abby’s Blogmas countdown is… The UGLY Christmas Sweater. I am not a fan of this trend. I have never been a fan of Christmas sweaters. Yes, I know I’m a teacher and most teachers have all kinds of holiday get up, but not me. I have a few t-shirts, back in the 90s I had some vests… yep I was that kind of cool. But, I’ve never wanted to wear any kind of garish holiday getup.

Last year, Richard’s work group had an ugly sweater party. First off, I don’t think Richard’s ever owned a sweater in his whole life, ok ok…. he did live in FL for most of his life, but still. He ended up ordering himself TWO different ugly sweaters, but neither was a sweater. They were both t-shirts that looked like sweaters.

I will not be sad if this trend goes away. I say go for it if you love the ugly sweater, but I’ll skip this trend… thank you very much!


9 thoughts on “Blogmas– Ugly Christmas Sweater

  1. I don’t go around wearing the ugly Christmas sweater but I kind of wish it wasn’t a trend. The fun of ugly sweaters a few years ago was that you had to either make it yourself, ask your mom/grandma if they had any or go to the thrift store. It’s not the same being able to walk into any store and buy one.

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  2. haha this cracked me up!! I do feel like some “ugly sweaters” can be overpriced too! That always drives me nuts when I see that. Like deliberately paying for something ugly- Good will usually comes in the clutch when absolutely necessary! Have a great week 🙂

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