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Blogmas- Annual Ornaments

It’s day 4 of our Blogmas countdown! You can still join in the fun, just start on 1 there are still 20 days until Christmas!! Wait, there are only 20 days until Christmas… eek! Or that means there are 20 more days to enjoy the holiday fun before the holiday is here. Hmmm whichever way you look at it… there are 20 days until Christmas.

Today’s topic is Annual Ornaments. This is a topic I know a LOT about. As a child, my mom picked out ornaments for my brother and I ever year. We also got an ornament every year from my mother’s cousin. Plus we made ornaments in school. That in conjunction with the random ornaments I got from friends and others was a lot of ornaments. When I moved out of my parents’ house, I had enough ornaments to cover my whole 6′ Christmas tree.

On my parents tree now there is one Santa to represent each member of the family. She bought it the first Christmas with each new family member… well not me. My first ornament was an angel and I have that one. I didn’t get my first Santa until I was in my teens. I kept that one too so she had to purchase a new Santa to represent me on her tree, but it’s all good!

As a parent, I began purchasing new ornaments for my boys each year. I take time and search out the perfect ornament for that year. The first year they each got a Santa… see how that works?!? Then from then on I found ornaments that might mean something to them. They have some that are the same/similar and other years the ornaments are nothing alike. The boys each put up their own ornaments on the tree. They love finding the ones that are the same/similar and putting them together. They also have a collection of one they made with me or at school. They have ones given by other family members, including my mother’s cousin who now gives the ornaments to my boys instead of to me.

I know that when my boys move out, they will be given a box of ornaments for their tree. And I will keep one or two to represent them on my own tree…



9 thoughts on “Blogmas- Annual Ornaments

  1. Growing up, we didn’t do annual ornaments. Some years Santa would bring us an ornament based on something we did that year though. I found a little pictures frame ornament at Target this year so I may make that a little tradition for us.

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