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Blogmas- Gingerbread Houses

Today’s topic is Gingerbread Houses… Hmmm I’ve never actually made a gingerbread house. I think they are pretty cool to look at and checking out the ones at Disney were always on the list of to dos when we lived in FL. We got to see a HUGE one on the Disney Cruise when we were on the Disney Cruise two years ago.

But, I don’t get the point of them. Who would actually eat them? If you aren’t going to eat them then why go through the process of making them? Isn’t that just wasting food?  And the time it takes to bake them, make the icing, and then assembly them? It also seems like an engineering nightmare. Does it take forever to get all the walls actually standing and staying upright?

So, while I will go see the overly decorated and over sized gingerbread houses around…. I won’t be making one anytime soon.

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Blogmas- Annual Ornaments

It’s day 4 of our Blogmas countdown! You can still join in the fun, just start on 1 there are still 20 days until Christmas!! Wait, there are only 20 days until Christmas… eek! Or that means there are 20 more days to enjoy the holiday fun before the holiday is here. Hmmm whichever way you look at it… there are 20 days until Christmas.

Today’s topic is Annual Ornaments. This is a topic I know a LOT about. As a child, my mom picked out ornaments for my brother and I ever year. We also got an ornament every year from my mother’s cousin. Plus we made ornaments in school. That in conjunction with the random ornaments I got from friends and others was a lot of ornaments. When I moved out of my parents’ house, I had enough ornaments to cover my whole 6′ Christmas tree.

On my parents tree now there is one Santa to represent each member of the family. She bought it the first Christmas with each new family member… well not me. My first ornament was an angel and I have that one. I didn’t get my first Santa until I was in my teens. I kept that one too so she had to purchase a new Santa to represent me on her tree, but it’s all good!

As a parent, I began purchasing new ornaments for my boys each year. I take time and search out the perfect ornament for that year. The first year they each got a Santa… see how that works?!? Then from then on I found ornaments that might mean something to them. They have some that are the same/similar and other years the ornaments are nothing alike. The boys each put up their own ornaments on the tree. They love finding the ones that are the same/similar and putting them together. They also have a collection of one they made with me or at school. They have ones given by other family members, including my mother’s cousin who now gives the ornaments to my boys instead of to me.

I know that when my boys move out, they will be given a box of ornaments for their tree. And I will keep one or two to represent them on my own tree…


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October in K-Prep

Today was the last school day in September! It was our 16th day of school. Some days it feels like it has been a lot longer and other times I feel like I just started.

My aide and I stayed after school to get the classroom set up for our new month. Each month I pick a new theme for the month and base all our learning on that topic. September’s theme was changes. October’s theme is “the night sky’. We will learn about camping, stars/planets, day/night and nocturnal animals. (and pumpkins and Halloween).

2018-09-28 14.56.11

I changed our dramatic play area from housekeeping to a camping scene. It will be fun to see how creative the children get playing there. They will work this week to create a mural of the woods at night to be the background for the area. We have a tent that we set up. Then I created a fire pit using a platter, rocks, paper towel tubes and tissue paper. We sorted through the foods and found hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and other camping foods. We created marshmallows to roast and make into “s’mores”.  There is also a toy grill and cooking gear.

We are going to have bubble water in the sensory table. They will make mazes in the blocks area and you will now find all sorts of pumpkin, space, night and Halloween books around the room.

2018-09-28 14.56.04

We finished switching the bulletin board to “Welcome to Our Patch”. Each child marble painted with red, yellow and orange. We then transformed those pages into pumpkins. They were then given either yellow or black paper and told to create the face of the pumpkin. These turned out too cute.

Our classroom door decoration was changed as well, but it’s not quite finished. This time we traced and cut out the children’s arms/hands. The children then wrote their name on the arm and decorated the hand however they wished. I cut out a bunch of stars and the children got to decorate it with glue so we could glitter the stars. The hands are towards the bottom of the door, and the stars towards the top. It says “Reach for the stars”

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Deck the halls with Ghosts and Pumpkins

We got up this morning with the plan to go out for breakfast. Richard had requested a few weeks ago to go to Kelly O’s for a cheat meal. Colby had asked for pancakes and bacon when we were creating our meal plan. So, this morning we went to Kelly O’s for breakfast. Colby had his chocolate chip pancakes, Blake had a ham and cheese omelette, Richard had an omelette with pretty much everything in it and I had a breakfast burrito.

Then off for hair cuts we went. Richard, Blake and I got hair cuts. Colby didn’t since they really cut his short last time (2 months ago) and his bangs just grew to the length that he usually asks for them to be cut.

When we got home, Richard and I tackled the lawn work. When we were done we decided to put out the outside Halloween decorations. Now the house is done!

The boys headed to the park and I decided to camp out on the couch and catch up on some of my tv shows. I don’t often have time on my own to sit down and watch tv anymore. This is not a big thing, but it was nice to have that bit of time today.


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Almost the start of fall

Yesterday was the first time that Richard and I did not get up to complete our workout. We did it when he got home instead. Well then both of us were achy and slept like crap. I guess we need to get up and workout in the morning from now on!

Since we were tired and so were the boys we had a slow morning today. Richard decided to go on a bike ride by himself and then he needed to take his bike into the shop. The boys headed off to the playground with a football and I decided to clean and put up some decorations. For the last few weeks I’ve been saying I need to put out my fall decorations. Well since it’s already half way through Sept. I decided to put up my Halloween decorations too. I did not put out the outside ones, just the ones in the house.

I always like this time of year. Time to open up the windows. Time to decorate for the upcoming holidays and so much more. This is the beginning of the craziness of the holidays, but also the beginning of the fun.

This week I have salsa stoup and chili on our menu. Since the 21st is the official start of fall I guess I’ll get into the fall spirit. (One of my students tried to convince me that fall already started, ummmm nope sorry it hasn’t. Labor day is the unofficial start of fall… the autumnal equinox is not until Sept. 21)

This means plans to go apple picking, pumpkin picking, decorating for Halloween and so much more.  I can tell you one thing I won’t do, have anything pumpkin spice. I don’t like pumpkin spice. I do not get the fixation everyone has with this smell and taste. Personally it does nothing for me. Oh well to each their own.

Are you ready for fall? Do you like pumpkin spice? When do you decorate for Halloween?