New Home Drama

Life feels crazy right now. We purchased the new house one week ago today. But, we are living in the townhouse still.  Why you ask, because we can!  We decided to take our time moving since our lease isn’t up yet.

So far in this week we have moved almost all the boxes we have, there are some for the garage that still need to be moved. We had our appliances delivered, more about that in a minute. I already painted Colby’s room and Richard is almost done making the back stairs.

Originally I was going to just paint borders in the boys rooms, I worked on taping Colby’s room for the border and in the process realized how cheap the paint was the builder used. I went to move one piece of blue painters tape and pulled off a strip of the builder paint. Ok change of plans… full coats of paint for all the rooms. So now we are planning on painting the whole house in the next few months… yep you read that right. I’m going to paint Blake’s room tomorrow. Once I’m done painting the rooms, I’ll go back and personalize the boys paint jobs.

Yesterday they delivered the appliances. That was “fun”, not the sarcastic quotation marks I used! First the delivery guys tried to tell me the fridge would never fit in the opening. I just looked and said, ummm it should by the measurements. Then he tried to tell me that the measurements they give on the appliances are always correct because of they don’t account for the insulation. Whatever dude… it should fit.  Guess what… it did!

We bought a stand up freezer and wanted to have it put into the storage area of the basement. They couldn’t get the freezer down the stairs. The house is designed to typically have a walk out basement. But, the lot we built on did not accommodate a walk in basement. This means that everything has to go down the stairs. The stairs are not a strait shot, they have a curve. I’m not sure if they couldn’t or just didn’t want to get it around the corner. So now the freezer is in the garage. Oh well. But, now I’m concerned because I wanted to put a couch, love seat, bookshelf, and the entertainment center in the basement. I am not sure that any of these items will be able to go down the stairs. This would totally SUCK. We spent a lot of money having the basement finished and now we can’t put furniture in there?  What??? This wasn’t planned out very well now was it?

We will officially move into the house next week… wonder how smoothly that will go?