November 5- relationships

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One thing that I’m thankful for, but don’t talk about often is the balance of my relationship with Richard. Richard and I were both very independent when we met. Over the years we have learned to balance this need for independence with the commitment to our relationship.

Richard and I are very good at knowing when we need to stop and check in with each other. We know that we each can make decisions, but we need to take the other person into consideration when the decision is made. We know when the decision is too big, will effect the family more type thing, that we need to push the pause button and talk to each other about the options.

Richard and I sat down before we got married and talked about a lot of things that many married couples never discuss. We sat down while I was pregnant with Blake and discussed raising kids and what direction we would take. We balance each other out. There is no bad guy in our parenting. We both parent differently, but the expectations and results are the same.

Richard and I treasure the things that makes the other one unique. Richard doesn’t want to take away my independence. He appreciated the strong-willed parts of my nature. I understand his need to be alone at times. I appreciate that he too is strong-willed and needs to feel in control of his surroundings. (Oh and we are raising two strong-willed children, life gets interesting at times)

I’m thankful that Richard has been in my life for over 14 years now. We recognize that we don’t need to make each other whole, we already are strong and whole people. What we do is make each other stronger and balanced.