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7.5 school days left

And so the countdown continues. It is hard to believe that the boys only have 7.5 days left in school. This year has been such a whirlwind for our whole family.

At this time last year we were wrapping up our last few weeks in FL. The house was pretty much packed up. The school year was almost over and we were getting ready to set off on our grand adventure. We left FL on June 5th and were moved in to the apartment on June 6th. Sometimes it is hard to believe it has been a full year already.

The boys were talking about it the other night and both feel that this move was good for them. They love their school and feel they have learned a lot this year. They have had their ups and downs, but in the long run they are happy.  Richard is settled into his job and I’m just about ready to send off my resume. I’ve gone back and forth and back and forth on what to do, where to apply, should I apply, should I stay home, what is the best thing.

It is such a hard thing to try and figure out what is not only best for me, but also best for the family. The last job I had pretty much fell in my lap and I I hardly thought about it. I took that position more than half way through the school year, the boys were settled and I was going to be in the same school as them. While the boys are settled, I will not be with them anymore. I know they are old enough, responsible enough and more than capable of dealing with the adjustments that will come along with me going back to work, it’s not an easy decision.

I know that the job market for educators is tough in this area. I know that I have a lot to offer still I just need to make sure that I go in the direction that will bring me the most joy. That will bring me the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of children…. that is what teaching is all about.

So, my goal is to get my resume sent out and the process started in the beginning of next week. I won’t share more details at this time, but will as time progresses.

I hope you are enjoying the countdown to your summer, whenever that starts in your life. For me, I’m looking forward to our first summer in our house. Seeing the boys settle into the summer routine of life. 7.5 more school days until life changes for us… again!

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Why did you leave FL for PA??

Whenever people learn that we moved from Orlando, FL to Pittsburgh, PA, we always get that look of … “What were you thinking?” People then always say “Was this for a job?” “Do you miss Florida?” “And many other questions that make you know that people think we are nuts.

Maybe we are, but this is working out for our family.

Yes, the weather in Orlando is a LOT warmer. Yes, Orlando has Disney and Universal and Sea World and Legoland and so many other things. Yes, Orlando is the only place my sons knew as home. Richard too had only lived in Florida.

What have we found? The neighborhood we live in now is a lot friendlier than the one we left. The boys have friends here. They enjoy going out on their bikes and joining up with other kids to play sports, ride bikes, play on the playground and so much more. The school they attend is for grades 4-6. This means they have more freedom and responsibility. The school doesn’t focus all their time and energy on the state testing. They want the children to be involved in learning beyond the classroom. They are more concerned about the depth of knowledge than the breathe of knowledge.

The city of Pittsburgh is a bigger city than Orlando, but it actually has a small town feel. There are lots of museums and things to do, but you can walk around and go to small restaurants and other venues that have been there for decades or longer. When you talk to people around they are friendly and speak highly of the city they love to call home. We have met so many people who say they grew up in Pittsburgh, moved away and came back.

No city, town, area is perfect. But, I will say that feel of this city is so caring and welcoming. We look forward to getting to know the area, city and state more. We are enjoying the change, and not just the change in seasons.

So were we crazy to leave Florida? Nope! We made a step that is helping bring happiness to our family, and that is what is important.


Moving “fun”

Moving is such a crazy and chaotic time. It’s strange to see your whole life packed up in boxes. To see that a whole household worth of stuff can be put onto a truck and moved.

Before we moved, we sold a lot of items. Now we are seeing what we still want and what we will need. We spend time saying I want to do this or that to the house.

It is fun to move into a blank canvas and know that you can put personal touches onto it and make it your own. There is no right or wrong way to move into a new home, it is just your way.

We are getting closer to being totally moved in. The boys’ rooms are almost done being painted. I need to re-paint Blake’s room and paint the stripe. In Colby’s room I’m going to paint a blue rectangle, border it in black and then he can put up his fish stickers in there to look like a fish tank.

We will then move onto painting Richard’s office.

There are somethings that are not going to workout the way we had planned, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work… it just means we have to change the plans. At least for now.

I’m so ready to be moved in and settled.  Ok settled will take a while, for right now I’d just settle for moving in.


Good-bye summer, hello fall!

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This is the last week of summer and what a summer it has been. We wrapped up school on the last day of May. We celebrated Colby’s 9th birthday with a sleepover with 2 of his best friends, and Blake of course. I thought in many ways I was crazy since well Richard was in PA and I was packing to for the move. But, it was the perfect way to not only celebrate Colby, but wrap up our years in FL.

The first week of June saw Colby’s actual birthday and celebrating with family. It found Richard home in FL for the last time and the final packing. We were then on the road to PA. The trip took us two days and we made really good time.

We arrived in PA to stay in the townhouse the first night with nothing but what packed into my Ford Flex. Oh well the next day found the moving truck at our doorstep. We were officially living in PA.

This summer we explored the area. We went to lots of restaurants, went to activities locally in the city of Pittsburgh. We found farmers markets, pick your own farms and enjoyed the fresh produce found there. We went to the movies every Wednesday. Spent time at the pool, joined a gym where the boys can also workout on kid size equipment. We found hiking and biking trails at North Park. All three guys got new mountain bikes.

The new bikes were a blessing for the boys. They are outside all the time now. Every day they are out riding their bikes with the kids in the neighborhood. They spend the summer outside and enjoying being kids.

The house went from being just a slab to being a finished house. We will officially close on Sept. 27th, but for all intents and purposes the house is finished. We have made new friends in the new neighborhood and are excited to start the next phase in our new home.

So if you ask me if I had a good summer… my answer is yes. We may have been squished into a tiny townhouse, but we made the best of it. There were lots of laughs and memories created this summer, and that is what life is really about. I wouldn’t trade it.

Bring on the fall… lets see what is next for our family!

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