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Weekend update- mother’s day edition

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We were busy this weekend. Saturday found us at North Park on a bike ride. The boys wanted to show Richard the trails they have been riding in bike class. I decided to skip the ride and go for a hike. I went on a few new paths that I hadn’t walked on before. It was a win-win all around. We then went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and stopped at the bike store. Blake needed a new helmet and Richard wanted to look at new bike shoes. We were spent a while outside doing a bit of this and a bit of that as well as chatting with neighbors. We originally planned to go out to dinner, but the skies opened with no sign of letting up, so fend for yourself dinner it is! We decided that since we stayed home we should watch a movie. We decided to watch Ocean’s Eleven (2001). Richard and I have been on a kick of showing the boys movies that Richard and I enjoy, but are still appropriate for tweens.

Sunday morning Colby decided he wanted to make me breakfast in bed. Richard told him that wouldn’t work since there was no way to serve it. So instead Colby opted to make me a strawberry peanut butter smoothie. He tried to bring it up to me, but I was already on my way downstairs. After breakfast, we went off to the gym, DiBellas, and Lowes. We had a long list of things to purchase at Lowes. This did not make the boys happy. We can’t win they don’t want to go if we don’t have a list, now they don’t want to go if we do have a list. Get over if… home ownership means trips to Lowes!

When we got home we started putting down seed on the front and side lawns and then were were going to begin putting the bags of top soil on bare spots. The ground here is rocky, loaded with sticks and it is clay not soil. So we are having to work hard to get this lawn looking the way we want it to look. We will get there. While we were working on putting out the top soil it began to rain. It wasn’t bad at first, but then it picked up. We had to head in and wait it out in the garage. We were already partially done and slightly damp so we decided to wait it out instead of going in to change. We then went out again when it let up only to have the sky open and drench us. Oh well… it got done.

Colby came outside when he finally stopped raining and was observing the run off on the lot next door. He has been learning about water and the effects of it on the landscape. It was neat listening to him discuss the erosion he was observing, the tributaries that were created as well as many other terms he learned in science class. School work at it’s finest!

We had homemade pizza and rolls for dinner. We used the Alton Brown recipe again. It wasn’t as good as the first time we made it, but it was still really good.

The night was ended with Google Hangout calls to both grandmothers to wish them a happy mother’s day.

Hope you had a great weekend.

(Must have Monday is still going to appear today…. just later on today. I didn’t post yesterday so I wanted to share the whos and whats of the weekend)


Wonder Movie

Yesterday the boys had the day off as their lasts day of Thanksgiving break. We decided it would be a good day to go see Wonder. They have both read the book and were looking forward to the movie.

We all agree that the book was much better than the movie, they always are! But, the movie was really good. (If you haven’t seen it, you may want to bring tissues). It did a good job at projecting the message of the book. It showed how the children moved from seeing Auggie as a person with a facial deformity to seeing Auggie as a person.

We as a society need to do a better job at looking at people for who they are and not what they look like. I have found in my years as a teacher that young children are really good at seeing people as people. It is as the years go on and they see how adults react to situations that changes how the older children react to people.

I find myself dealing with this with my own sons. Its hard not to get into the “don’t stare, don’t as questions” mode. I often wonder if we as a society wouldn’t be better off if we’d just speak openly about differences with children instead of trying to teach them to look the other way. Children are naturally curious. Why not say Oh that person just has a scar. Oh that person lost their leg.

If we made less of a deal over the differences wouldn’t the differences mean less?

Have you read the Wonder books? Have you seen the movie? What do you think we can do to help society change to acceptance?