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One year ago…

Richard is home! He came home very early yesterday morning. There is something about having everyone back under one roof. Today on my facebook “on this day” feed there was a picture of a ton of empty packing boxes. That was the beginning, one year ago we started packing up our Florida house. We started the adventure, but had little direction on where we were headed.

Last March, we headed up here to Pittsburgh for spring break. We came up to see where Richard would live while we were still in Florida. We came up to see where we would consider looking at houses. It was a hard, yet fun journey. We stayed in downtown Pittsburgh, which is very different from where we now live. We originally were looking in a total different township area than we decided upon. Our real estate person that we were connected to was awesome! She had been sending us links to houses, we were sending her links to houses, and through this process we narrowed it down.

It is strange to try to figure out where you want to live when you have never even been to the area before. When we arrived in Pittsburgh we went through a whirlwind tour of house hunting. We looked at existing homes. This had two issues to it… .one I wasn’t moving here until after the school year. Could we afford two houses until that time? How much work would there be to transform a new house into “our house”? I think I found maybe one that we might have considered as a possibility, but… nope!

We looked at new builds. Richard was building his house when we met. Then we sold that and built the house our sons grew up in. There is something about moving into a house no one has ever lived in. There is something about starting the process from scratch. Picking out every detail and making the house your own. So we found two house plans we really liked the one we purchased and one in another area, that I originally swore we were going to move to.

So how do you pick. How do you pick one over the other?  For me… it came down to what the neighborhood offered for my sons. The house we did not purchase was a smaller neighborhood. It did not have sidewalks. It did not have common play areas. The lots available to purchase were narrower than the one here. One was mostly slopped woods and the other had a retention pond at the bottom of the slope. The neighborhood we picked is the complete opposite of this.

The other draw was things around. The neighborhood we live in is about 3 miles from North Park, this is a county run park with SOOOO many amenities.

One year ago today all we knew was that Richard had a job. That we were packing up the house we had lived in since 2005. That the boys would be starting at a new school. That I would not have a job. That our lives would change and that the packing of these boxes was the start of this process.

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We told the boys… change is hard, but change is good. And this change has been good for us!


Winter Woes

When you move from FL to PA you have a very expensive first year. I’m not talking about all the things you pay for during the move. I’m not talking about the things needed when you move into a new house, which is also very expensive.

I’m talking about the fact that we don’t own warm clothes. The weather we are having right now in October in PA is about as cold as it gets in FL for the whole winter. We don’t own winter jackets, snow pants, real gloves or hats. We don’t own boots, other than the fashionable ones I own.

So instead of just having to spend money to purchase all the items that the boys may have outgrown and getting Richard and I a few pieces of this or that to update or replace, we are having to purchase whole wardrobes for all of us.

Oh boy… just waiting to see how we all deal with the real cold of winter this year.


Today is….

We are finally moving the furniture out of the townhouse. I’m so ready to be out of here and into the house full time. I’m so ready for the boys to sleep in their own beds at night. I’m so ready to not drive back and forth between the townhouse and house multiple times a day.  I’m so ready for…

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Moving, moving, moving

Typically I can make decisions and I’m done. I make up my mind and just run with it. But, there are times when I can’t settle my brain on one thought. I have lots of thoughts pop into my head and I just can’t seem to figure out what is the right direction.

I’m in that mode right now. We are continuing to move things into the new house. Everything should be totally moved in by Thursday, that is when the moving truck arrives. But, there are so many decisions that I can’t seem to make. Where will I put items? What things do I need to purchase for the house? In what order will I accomplish these tasks?

I know everything will get done. I know not everything needs to be done the day we move in, or even the week … hell month we move in. But, at the same time I just want things settled. I want things to move forward so we can feel like this is home.

As a home owner I know that the projects are never complete. I know that even when I figure things out it doesn’t mean it will get completed quickly. But, that doesn’t mean I have to like being in this stage of limbo.

I’m ready to move in, get things settled and start our lives.  Lets go… I’m ready…. maybe?

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