Sad day, yes my sons it is a sad day

As a parent, we wish we could protect our children from everything. But, we can’t. We can’t protect them from the world. We can’t protect them from the evils. We can’t protect them from all harm. We can’t and shouldn’t shelter them from the world.

What we can do is help them see the good in people. We can help them see that even with tragedy good can come out. We can demonstrate peace. We can demonstrate sadness over evil. We can show them how to step up and do the right thing.

We as a society can choose how the next generation sees the world. We as parents can guild and demonstrate. Children are watching. The see the good in people. They see how people treat each other. They see how we treat the people we know and they people we don’t know.

Do you thank the people who bag your groceries? Do you speak to the waitress kindly? Do you drive safely or cut people off? Do you wait patiently for an elderly person to cross the road?

There is so many devastating things going on in the world. Floods, hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters. But, there is also so many man made devastation that the children will hear about as well. How you choose to address these issues with your children will show them how to deal with these issues. Do you speak to them honestly when they ask you questions? Do you try to sugar coat it? Do you speak ill of a group even when it was an individual who caused the devastation?

Tonight I will give my sons a tighter hug. I will answer their questions with the honesty I can give. Sometimes that is people do stupid things for stupid reasons that no one will understand. We can only hope that this is the end. I will point out the good that we see. The police that go in to help, the hospital workers who will work overtime to save those who can. The innocent bystanders who become heroes.

But, I can tell you that I will show them kindness. I will answer them honestly and I will try to do my best to show them that the world is full of good, even when there are times when I wonder myself if there is any good left.