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Since moving to PA, we have been trying to get out and do a variety of outdoor things with the boys. The took mountain biking lessons, we’ve gone hiking, they learned to sled, ice skate and make snowmen. We are enjoying the county park that is located about 3 miles from our house. We love that we have 3075 acres of nature to explore and enjoy.

Out latest adventures was kayaking. We have always seen tons of people out kayaking and stand up paddle boarding on the lake in North Park. We often talked about getting out on the water and trying out kayaking. Saturday was the day we got out. We went through LLBean Outdoor Discovery School

. (We went with them on 2 hikes last year) Our feeling was to get with an instructor who would help all of us begin to understand the techniques of kayaking.

Each of the boys was able to paddle their own kayak, which was a big plus. None of us were perfect, but we had fun. Colby struggles in the beginning, but Richard helped him muddle through the basics and then his paddle stroke became near perfect. Blake on the other hand just went at it. His stroke is a bit sloppy but that doesn’t stop him from going.

For me I found turning to be the most challenging, part, but I’m getting there.

Richard has the most water craft experience, so this was a lot easier for him. (he is the one who had the camera, hence the picture of me)

While on the water we saw lots and lots of Canadian Geese, they are starting to practice for their migration flight. We saw Harry the Great Blue Heron and a snapper turtle who decided to pop up right in the middle of all of our kayaks.

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Variety is the Spice of Life

Over the years, we have tried to expose the boys to a variety of things.  We have exposed them to a variety of sports both on tv (Olympics, pro sports, x-games etc..) as well as going to see sports live (pro soccer, indoor football, college football/baseball/softball/ basketball etc…)

We have introduced them to a variety of literature genres. They read everything from graphic novels to non-fiction to biographies to mysteries. They enjoy finding series of books that they can get wrapped up in characters as well as books they read to learn something new.

We have also expanded their horizons when it comes to music. They have been listening to a wide variety of music since they were children. While they did like listening to Laurie Berkner Band and the Imagination Movers when they were little, they also loved classic rock. If you look at their MP3 players you would find everything from Van Halen, to Weird Al, to Green Day to more popular songs today. There is very little that we do not listen to in the house.

Right now the boys are into listening to musicals. They are big into Hamilton, Sponge Bob the Musical and Wicked. I know that this is spurred on because of their performing in musical theater themselves. We will continue to expose the boys to a variety of musicals. I know we will soon be listening to a lot of Mary Poppins here soon, that is the play they are doing this fall.

We know that the more they are exposed to the better they will be later in life.


Countdown to the Olympics

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Most days I try to get all my chores done in the morning time. I try to have remember to have lunch around 12:30/1:00 and then take after lunch until I pick up the boys to chill. I often watch the shows I have taped on my DVR. If I don’t have anything taped I will put on Food Network or HGTV.

Today I didn’t want to watch that and started looking through the channel guide. I found ice dancing on the Olympics channel. I didn’t even know we had an Olympic channel. While ice dancing is not one of my top Olympic sports I decided to put it on while I was doing other things.

I love when the Olympics comes around. It reminds me of being a kid and being excited to see sports you never see on tv. I grew up in a family that watched sports all the time. But, Olympic sports are different/dynamic. I always enjoyed watching the people from the different countries showing so much pride in their country and sport.

I have shared this Olympic love with my sons. Blake is a sports fanatic, so it wouldn’t matter what sport was on, he is happy. But, it was always fun to see them watch sports they wanted to learn more about. This year they will get to see the winter Olympics and understand a bit more about these winter sports. Ok they will never ride a bobsled or skeleton, they probably will never learn how to participate in curling or ski jumping. But, they can appreciate the cold, playing in the snow and enjoying the winter.

So I guess we will be watching more of the Olympic Channel while we wait for the real Olympics to start!

I enjoy reading your replies to my posts. Keep sharing your thoughts, it helps motivate me to share mine! 

Do you enjoy watching the Olympics? Do you have a favorite winter sport? 


Sunday- Son day: Blake edition 7-UCF update 2

Hi, everybody. Since it’s been (More than?) two weeks from last time I did the sports update, I guess I have to fill you in with the previous games. So here’s the rundown from last time: Maryland upset by UCF, 35-10. The game after that was… oh yeah, Memphis. So, they’re in the same conference as us, so we play them once in a while. Three weeks ago, we played them. Here’s their logo and football uniforms, or at least their helmets:Image result for memphis logoRelated image

Guess who wins…UCF, right? Right! 40-13, another win for the right-now 3-0 (and 1-0 conference) team. Next week, after that is at Cincinnati. Here’s the logo and helmet. By the way, another conference game…

Image result for cincinnati bearcats football helmetImage result for cincinnati bearcats logo

…and they win. Again! This time, 51-23, and it was terminated because of a weather delay. They’re 4-0,and 2-0 in the AAC. Now, to the game last night vs East Carolina, or ECU. Another conference game, and you know the drill…


Related imageRelated image

…who wins? Duh! 63-21, ties the  school record of 63 points. And that’s not the only time they got close, this #22 ranked, 5-0 and 3-0 conference team has! I forgot about week 1, so I’ll do that now. It was against Florida International, or FIU for short. Not a conference game 🙂 so I can show you the Conference USA, or C-USA for short. Here’s FIU…Image result for florida international university football helmet 2017Related image

…and here’s the C-USA:


Image result for conference usa teams 2017plus UAB:        Image result for uab logo

…turns out, UCF used to be in that conference (see below):

Related image plus some other teams.


Anyway, UCF won, (wink,wink) 61-17, easy start before Hurricane Irma gave Florida a visit. That’s your sports update. Get ready for NFL football this afternoon,

Image result for nfl teams 2017Image result for nfl logo flag

see you in two (or more) weeks, and go New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Penguins!                                                                                    -B

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Image result for pittsburgh penguins


Next ESPN Commentator?

My boys love sports. I know Blake has blogged about sports just a few times on his Sunday-Son Day posts, so I’m sure you have figured this out.

When we lived in FL, we had season tickets to UCF Football. Richard and I had them before the boys were born and we got the boys tickets when Colby was in first grade. We wanted to wait until both boys were ready to sit through the whole game.

The boys love watching sports and get so excited watching them. They enjoy playing sports as well. For year and years Blake swore he was going to be a professional football player when he grew up. I always told him he had too many brain cells to spend them on the football field. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with people who are really good at sports playing sports. Blake loves and understands sports, but I don’t see this as his passion.

Now if you want to see him do something with sports growing up maybe he could be a commentator! He loves to give the play by play on any and every sports experience. And I mean everything from the games he watches live or on tv to playing catch in the backyard. Blake seems to need to talk through everything he and everyone else does sports-wise.

Got to love the passion, now can you stop talking for 2 minutes so we can hear what the real officials are saying?