My Points

As a stay-at-home mom I often try to find ways to bring in a bit more money by doing things on-line. I’ve shared more than once the things I sell on Teacher Pay Teacher. I need to get moving on a few new kits. Remember if you have an idea for a kit, share with me and I’ll e-mail you the kit for free!

Another thing that I started doing in the fall was My Points. You join the site and earn points that you can cash in for gift cards! Every day you can easily make 5 points just by completing their Daily 5. You can earn more points by participating in surveys. Do you shop on-line? If you do… you can earn point by going through their site to order. Then you get points for things you are already shopping for.

I have used it to link through to Old Navy, Lowes, and even Bear Naked Granola which I bought Richard for his birthday. They have different specials all the time. It is so easy. I log on each day and do the daily 5, print coupons and answer surveys.

I have always cashed in point to get $25 to Amazon. I have enough to cash in for more now too.

So if you are looking for something simple that you can use to make some gift card cash… check out My Points!


I have/ Who has verbs

I created another kit for my Teacher Pay Teacher site. They are running a two day sale  starting tomorrow, so I wanted to get a few new kits up and ready for the sale time. Everything in my store will be on sale for an additional 20% off on top of the 5% everything on TPT!  This is a great opportunity to support these teachers.

AJ at A Petite Slice of Life suggested making an I have/Who has game with verbs. I wanted to make it with just regular verbs to focus on that skill. She also suggested that I add numbers to the cards to help the teacher check to make sure all the cards are back and available.

You will find that all the cards are numbered, but not in the order needed to play the game. This way the teacher can put them back in order and pass them out that way without passing the cards out in the order the game will be played.

So here you have it:  I have/Who has Regular Verbs. 

I Have/ Who Has Regular Verbs GameI Have/ Who Has Regular Verbs Game

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I have/Who has short vowels kit for TPT!

I finished another product for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. This one is a game. The game is called I have/ Who has.

I Have/ Who Has Short Vowel GameI Have/ Who Has Short Vowel Game

To play the game, you pass out cards to each child. You then pick one child to start reading his/her card. The cards says I have_____. Who has ____. Each child looks at their card and looks to see if they have the card mentioned by the first player. The player with the correct card then reads their card.

This is a quick and fun game that is great for reviewing skills. The kit that I made has 5 games that practice reading CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. I made one game set for each of the short vowels.

You can find this product here. I hope you enjoy playing it with your class!.


Read / Write the Room ABC for TPT

And just like that… I’ve completed my newest kit for my Teachers Pay Teacher’s site.

Read / Write the Room ABC

This kit is geared towards kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students. It is an activity where the teacher posts pictures, words or the combination of both around the room. Typically the students then go around with a clipboard and read and write the room.

In the kit, I included a variety of worksheets that the teachers can use depending upon the needs of the students. The sheets allow everything from writing the word and illustrating it to writing sentences for each of the words.

Read / Write the Room ABCRead / Write the Room ABC

I added eight pictures to go with each letter of the alphabet. These words are more complex words which will build the students vocabulary for reading and writing.

You can check it out here.

Now to start working on my next kit!


Today’s rambling thoughts

The last two mornings I’ve had to get up on shovel. Neither day had a lot of snow. Monday probably had 2-3 inches and today had a dusting to an inch. But, I am one of those people who has to have a clear driveway. I am obsessed with being able to see the blacktop!

Typically I go out and shovel the driveway before Richard leaves for work and then after he leaves I go out and clean off where his truck is in the driveway, the walkway, the sidewalk and the back steps. Yesterday, Richard took my car to work so the snow around the truck never got shoveled. This meant there was more snow there. Also, the snow melted yesterday and refroze under the truck. I found that ice today and manage to slip on it.  Oh well… I didn’t hurt anything but my ego.

Today I left the house for the first time in a while. Last week I wasn’t feeling well so there were quite a few days that I didn’t go anywhere. Today I went to the grocery store. This meant that I needed to make a grocery list and menu plan yesterday. I hate going to the store without a plan. I’ve lived here since June and I still am trying to figure out the grocery store.

I’ve been wanting to make something new, but I didn’t figure out something new to try this week. I did come up with a few meals that we haven’t had in a while, but I’m going to search for new meals, I need a change. We are having FFY (fend for yourself), baked potato soup and homemade bread/rolls, meatloaf muffins, chicken cordon bleu, and pork tenderloin. Saturday we are going to go out to eat since we are going to see Monster Jam.

The other thing I’m planning to make today is oatmeal raisin cookies. Colby has been asking for these the last few weeks. The last few things I baked have been something peanut butter so oatmeal raisin is a good change. I do have another peanut butter cookie recipe in my head, maybe next week.

Yesterday I spent some time working on a new kit for my Teachers Pay Teacher’s store. I love that I have the time to work on these kits that I can sell at a reasonable price for other teachers. I am almost done with the one I started yesterday and I have a few more ideas brewing for the next ones I’ll make.

I’m glad that I’m feeling more human again. My head is still stuffed, but it’s not slowing me down anymore. Yesterday I felt productive as I got the house cleaned, two blog posts, made dinner and worked on the TPT kit. And, that was after shoveling. Today I am having another productive day. Yep, I feel like me again.

Hope your week is going smoothly.

Do you meal plan before going to the grocery store? Did I list any meals you’d like me to post about for next week’s Tasty Tuesday? Is it snowing in your neck of the world?