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rambles about the week

This has been a strange weather week. Almost ever day there was rain on the forecast. But, most days we got little to no rain. We ended up giving in and getting more sprinklers for the lawn. The grass was getting a bit crunchy. At least I don’t have to mow the lawn. We did finally get rain last night so at least mother nature decided to help out the plants a bit. The temperatures were all over the place. It was hot-ish and humid. We didn’t get to open the windows.

Richard and I managed to get up at 5:30am M, T, Th and F to workout. I’ve done really good with my diet too. Last night I made spaghetti and meatballs with rolls. I only had meatballs and a tiny portion of spaghetti to sop up the sauce. I still haven’t tried the P B &J cookies that I made the other day. Richard took the tin to work yesterday and his co-workers quite enjoyed it, so he brought the second tin in today. I’m still working on finding proteins I would enjoy having for a snack.

I will tell you this. My,… Body…. HURTS! It’s that good workout hurt. I can feel my abs, back, legs, arms, and so much more. I’m glad that we have decided to jump in and do this, and do it together. I’ll be excited to see the changes in my body in the next few weeks. This week I’m going to play around with some of the other workouts that are available and maybe even do some more with the boys.

The boys start back doing mountain biking on Monday. This means that I go back to hiking two days a week. One of my neighbors also asked me if I’d like to walk with her. So on Tuesday and Thursdays, I’m going to walk with her in the mornings after my workout. I guess getting back in shape is going to be my new “hard thing”… it’s worth it.

Hope you had a good week and have found something that makes you feel better too.

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Busy week and birds

This has been a strange week. Originally I had thought it was going to be a busy week. I took Monday and plowed through most of my house cleaning jobs. The boys has mountain bike class Monday night. It had rained before that and they came home a muddy mess, but they had fun. Richard got off work early and met up with me to walk. He decided to stop home and pick up Dixie too. I walked around 3.5 miles. Richard and Dixie walked about 2.5 miles.

Tuesday Colby was supposed to have his field day. I had volunteered to help out. I got an e-mail at 7am saying it was postponed until Friday. The weather was calling for storms, plus they said there were field issues, probably flooding.  I went to the grocery store, made another pasta salad and baked chocolate chip cookies (it was national chocolate chip cookie day).

Blake went on a field trip. Chatham University backs up to their school campus. They have been learning about streams, fish and other natural environments, so they went to Chatham to collect water samples. They also looked at the creatures who live in the stream. After that they went to the garden there and helped work in the garden. They at lunch in the University cafeteria as well. Blake said he had a great time and the campus was “really cool.”

Today is Blake’s field day. We were a bit shocked to not get an e-mail saying it too was cancelled. The rain is now forecast to start at 4 instead of noon like it was last night. So I will be heading over there around noon to help with his field day. Colby is going on a quick walking field trip today. His class is walking over to the lower elementary school across the street. They are going over to read poems to the first graders. He had to write a poem that he shared with his class yesterday and the first graders today.

Tomorrow we are back at mountain biking!

Busy is good.

On a calmer note, we have a new visitor to our bird feeder. Baltimore Orioles. We added an orange sliced in half, added the wilting grapes and are trying to convince the Orioles, and other birds to stay. All four of us enjoy watching the birds visit the feeder. It is so relaxing and such a great way to touch nature.

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Looking into my rear view mirror at my week.

This week we have had all four seasons. On Saturday, we had snow. Sunday and Monday we had spring. It was warmer, but not warm. Tuesday we had temps that reached 78F. Wednesday and today we are having rain… lots and lots of rain. I guess the fact that its not cold enough to snow is one thing. If all this rain was snow… gesh that would be a lot of shoveling. But, it means flooding. We are appreciating even more that we are at the top of the hill in our neighborhood. There was flooding in the city of Pittsburgh this week.

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This week found me dealing with lots of workers, but the more that gets done the better. The more perfect our new home is for us! We aren’t done, but getting close.  We have picked the colors we are going to paint our living space. My kitchen, living room and morning room are all open to each other. We are going to paint most of the walls a color called cinnamon sugar. The large arch wall in the morning room (second picture is morning room, the all behind the chairs) we are going to paint elephant gray.

I’ve done a pretty good job with my new food goals. I’ve drank 70-90 oz of water each day. I’m eating more fruits and veggies. I’ve also focused on making sure I have protein in every meal, I need to find ways to do this at breakfast beside eggs. I hate having the same thing day after day after day. May have to start making smoothies again? Hmmm that’s a thought.

This week found us playing a lot of Uno. Recently we started playing Uno for points. When the kids were younger we would just play for fun. Now they are at an age where things that are more competitive are fun. And ALL four of us are competitive. We enjoy playing games together, but it can get a bit cut throat at times. The boys love ganging up on the Richard and I when we play games. Yesterday the boys and I played Rummy and Kings in the Corner. They couldn’t agree on which game to play so they decided that each time we dealt we would switch games. This was really strange as you had to keep changing your mindset on what you were playing.

I had to go get my fingerprints done so that I can volunteer at the boys school. The last few times I’ve done this (all teachers need to do this too) they have struggled to get my prints to read correctly. I’ve never had to go back and have them done again, but I guess I don’t have deep enough grooves on my fingertips. When I arrived I realized first that I was there on the wrong day or more specifically week… oops! I did get the results back that same day and even thought they struggled to get the machine to say my fingerprints were done correctly, they were able to get me my results!

The other thing I did this week was finally sign up to take my three teacher exams here in PA. I’ve sort of put this off on principle. I hate that I have to jump through these hoops. What other profession do you have to jump through so many hoops and yet get so little respect? The other thing is I still haven’t decided what I want to do. part of me wants to continue to stay home, there are so many perks to me being home full time. Part of me wants to go back into a public school classroom, it’s what I’m trained to do, and that salary would make life a bit easier. Part of me thinks I should look into teaching at a pre-K, private K or day care center, still teaching, but less stress! Well at least if I get my certification complete I will have choices. So I go in April, that was pretty much the first opening at the location I was comfortable driving to.

Well… I hope everyone had a good week. I hope you have a great weekend!